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Exploring Your Business Idea

Date: 15 Feb 2018, 10:30 - 15 Feb 2018, 12:30

Location: South Dublin

Type: Seminar

Topic: Innovation

Join us to discuss How do you capture that idea for a great business that you find drifting into your mind now and again?

This workshop will show you how to describe the idea as a potential business model. You will learn how to examine it and find it’s value. Does it have what it takes to take it’s place among the products and services that are already out there? How do you demonstrate it’s worth and how do you make it happen?

The workshop introduces participants to tools enabling them to assess and describe their idea and test it’s worth using innovation management techniques, entrepreneurship strategies and lean start up methodologies.




Presented by Dermot O'Reilly & Bernie Clancy

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