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Career 2 Fit

Career 2 Fit is a 3 day Career Assessment & Guidance Programme is happy to offer places to IE Network Members as a distinct group of unemployed/ underemployed high-skilled/ professionals and will gear the programme to our needs, subject to sufficient numbers take-up.

The Programme will help you to:

  • identify your unique strengths, talents and skills;

  • explore career choicecs and scientifically identify the right job/ career move for you; and

  • identify and select training/ education courses that can improve your job prospects.

The Programme is funded under the Labour Market Activation Fund and is 100% free for people in receipt of people who are signing on (whether or not they are in receipt of unemployment benefit or allowance, or are out of benefit and not eligible for allowance but who are signing on each month as unemployed).

PLEASE mention THE IE NETWORK IN YOUR REGISTRATION FORM.  Space for this is provided in the 'Additional Comments' box on the registration form.