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In The Indo: "Jobless told: Train or Work to keep Dole"

In a press release dated 24th November, Minister for Social Protection Éamonn Ó Cuív – aims to primarily achieve savings in social welfare expenditure through a combination of structural reform; labour activation and enhanced fraud control: 

"... my Department is devising proposals for the development of new initiatives which will offer social employment opportunities. These new initiatives will be an important element in the development and delivery of employment and community services and will aim to provide quality work opportunities to unemployed people and beneficial outcomes to the community. A key feature of the new scheme, will be to provide a new activation route that will support unemployed people in remaining job-ready for re-entry to employment as the economic environment improves."

Details of the new scheme are being finalised and it is expected that an announcement will be made in the coming weeks. "Given that this will be an important new initiative to provide quality short-term working opportunities for people who are unemployed, it is essential that it is properly targeted on those who will most benefit; can be easily accessed and administered; does not impose excessive burdens on community organisations and provides quality work opportunities and beneficial outcomes to the community," said the Minister.

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