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New Initiative to improve competitiveness

[ Thursday, 21st July 2011 ]
South Dublin County Enterprise Board wishes to provide direct support to help businesses in South Dublin improve their competiveness and transform the way they do business. This scheme is intended to develop the capability of client companies to compete globally, to innovate and transform. 
In the current economic climate more than ever, Irish business must contend with global competitors if they are to survive and thrive. Not only must they innovate in their product / service activities but they must keep abreast of rapidly changing technologies shaping the way they do business now and in the future.      
Funding and / or soft support will be offered for the purpose of encouraging and facilitating activities and practices which improve business competitiveness and sustainability.
Eligible activities
·         Export: Export marketing activities such as exhibiting or attending important overseas trade fairs, preparation of export market-specific marketing materials, market investigation visits, etc
·         Green: Introducing green sustainable business practices to the business eg implementing environmental standards, applying for eco labels, carbon footprint measurement, introducing verifiable environmental improvements to processes or products.
·         Technology: Technological innovation or purchases which deliver significant improvements in productivity.
·         Processes: Innovation which results in leaner and more agile business achieving significant cost reduction targets and measurable gains in capability and competitiveness
·         Training: In-house or external training in management or technical skills specifically related to for the promoter and/or staff, where these skills are not taught as part of the Board’s existing training activities and where they will result in increased business efficiency and effectiveness
·         Marketing: Formation of significant joint ventures and partnerships in relation marketing; Design or enhancement of interactive e-business websites; Exhibiting at domestic trade events only in special circumstances or for nominated sectors; development of marketing materials for the domestic market only in special cases as a first step to exporting.
·         Soft Support: Specialist soft support may be offered in the following areas:
1.    Company benchmarking against international standards
2.    Building a lean business organisation
3.    Environmental information and advice
4.    Technical Audit
Eligible applicants
Applications will be accepted from existing businesses operating from a location in South Dublin County. Businesses in their pre-startup phase should apply for the Board’s other forms of financial support. Both incorporated companies and sole traders are eligible While preference is given to manufacturing companies and the designated internationally traded service sector, other service sectors are also eligible with the exceptions of:
·        Construction and the construction trades
·        Transportation services
·        Professional services
·         The distributive trades (however on-line sales and purchasing activities are eligible).
Value of Support
Financial support will be available for 50% of eligible expenditure, up to a maximum of €2,500.
Application Process
An application form is available here. 
For further information email Ena Coleman