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Signs of optimism among Irish marketing community

I came across this in Business & Leadership – interesting survey on optimism amongst Irish Marketing Community.

Signs of optimism among Irish marketing community

Senior marketers in Ireland believe 2013 is the ‘year to watch’ with significant growth returning then, while 2011 is showing signs of improvement and 2012 will provide a solid foundation for future expansion.

This is according to the latest bi-annual Alternatives Marketing Watch Survey, which also points to some encouraging positives in the second part of the year.

When it comes to marketing spend, budgets have remained pretty much in place with digital marketing becoming even more influential in the effort to engage directly with customers and build loyalty.

Meanwhile, retaining staff doesn’t appear to be an issue as headcount and marketing team numbers have remained pretty static. Mid- to senior-level marketers with key skills in digital, customer retention and communications are currently the most sought after in 2011.

“For now, marketers seem to be working to getting safely through 2011 with their business intact ready to build for the hoped-for upswing in 2012 and particularly 2013,” said Sandra Lawler, managing director of Alternatives.

“Marketing budgets appear to be keeping to the same levels but are nevertheless still under pressure with continual reviews during the year. And while consumer sentiment may still appear flat, nevertheless, there are definite indicators of a better market in 2011 and beyond.”

The marketers surveyed are marketing directors or heads of marketing from many of Ireland’s leading companies across the FMCG/food and drink, financial services and telecomms sectors, amongst others.

Typical marketing spends at their disposal range from €500k to €10 million while they have, on average, between one to ten people on their team.

Sandra Lawler, managing director, Alternatives