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New marketing idea for food companies from Easy Food


'EasyFood Magazine' has started an initiative called the EasyFood Recipe Lab, which offers food producers and distributors an alternative way to market themselves cost-effectively.

It involves EasyFood’s panel of recipe developers, testers, photographers, stylists and designers developing recipes and images, producing step-by-step videos and publishing custom cookbooks for companies. 

The recipes and the images can be tailored to tie-in with any product, theme or message that a company wishes to promote. The material can then be used on-pack, on a company’s website or for use as inserts or for in-store promotions.

“The EasyFood Recipe Lab is a logical extension of the work we already do to create the magazine each month. We have teams of recipe testers, stylists and photographers working on the magazine, so we thought why not offer this expertise to food producers, distributers and even retailers?,” said Gina Miltiadou, publisher, EasyFood Magazine.

“Particularly as people in the food business are increasingly wanting to educate consumers about the use of their products, and what better way to do this than through recipes utilising their products?” 

Some of EasyFood’s client list has already availed of this service, including John West, Knorr, Heineken, Jiff Lemon, Low Low, Heinz, Chiver’s Jelly, Big Al, Homecook and Cuisine de France. Costs start from €75 per recipe.