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Pitman offering wider range of distance learning options


Pitman Training Swords is expanding its distance learning centre range due to demand, with many of the courses suitable for anyone thinking of starting a business.

 Maria Lalor, managing director of the Swords Dublin centre, said: “We have been staggered by the amount of people who want to study at home. It’s more suitable for people for various reasons but I think the present economy is forcing people to rethink a lot of things. Studying at home saves the cost of transport, parking, childcare, buying lunch out, etc.

“In the past home study colleges were associated with poor quality courses but technology advances have revolutionised home study. This means that people can study at home exactly the same as they would have studied in the centre. Tutor support is the same –via telephone or email.”

Range of study options

There’s a wide range options for study at home, for example Finance (Sage, book-keeping, payroll), Microsoft Office, IT Technical (A+, MCSA, etc.,), Specialist Secretarial (Legal Secretary and Medical Secretary specialities), Management and Personal Development.

“Our students appreciate the flexibility of the home study options we give them. They aren’t restricted to bus timetables, leaving before the rush hour, not being able to study on bank holidays, etc. They decide when and how they learn and that freedom and flexibility actually makes them more successful. Our students who study at home progress just as well as the students who study in-centre,” said Lalor.

More information can be found here.