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‘Late Late’ appearance prompts launch of Console Armour

A new Irish company, Memods, has launched its flagship product, Console Armour for the Xbox 360s, after appearing on the Late Late Toy Show, which achieved record viewership this year.

Console Armour clips easily onto the Xbox 360s and is designed to offer a custom look in a matter of seconds. 

The product came about after Memods’ founder Dave Pepper put a video of a customised Xbox 360 online and it went viral. Today, the video has had over 200,000 hits, and Pepper’s work has been featured in leading technology and gaming blogs around the world.

“We were really stunned by all the support we received. When we put the original video online, we expected people to be interested and intrigued, but to be referenced on sites like Gizmodo and Kotaku, and to get over 100,000 YouTube video views in one single day, was absolutely amazing,” he said.

The reaction to the video drove Pepper to design a product that allowed people to get their own custom console straight out of the box.

“The effect in the video was really impressive, but it was something we could do with a ‘clip-on’ product. We wanted to design a product that worked seamlessly with the Xbox; it has taken a lot of design work to come up with Console Armour, but it’s been worth it.”

Console Armour's design

Key design principles drove the product towards its final design, he continued: “First of all, I wanted to create something that was so simple anyone could take it out of the box and clip it on. I also wanted to put it at a price point that people can afford – it’s €59.99.

“Kids will always want the latest console but with Console Armour parents can avoid replacing their consoles and still provide new and exciting gaming. Also, I wanted to create something that was fun and easy to customise – we wanted to emulate great toys of the past like Lego and Mecano that let people be creative.

“We’ve built special frames and light sheets that let people play around with Console Armour easily. It’s a robust product that can be customised even more: over the next few months, we’ll be showcasing what people can do with their console armour for an ultra-unique look – Airfix for the 21rst century.”

Memods is based in the Guinness Enterprise Centre in Dublin. In addition to offering Console Armour, it also builds custom consoles and PCs for companies and individuals.


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