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12 homepage essentials every site needs


Here’s a handy piece from HubSpot that lists all the essential ingredients a webpage should have. We’ve looked at lots of great websites for proof and it’s true, they all have every single one of these 12 essentials. It’s a must-read.

1. Headline. Within 3 seconds a website needs to answer ‘what does this site offer?’ Keep your headline clear and simple.

2. Sub-headline. This should offer a brief description of what you do/offer. Avoid jibberish. Be different and show value. Don’t just talk about yourself.

3. Benefits. It’s not only important to describe what you do, but also why it matters. Visitors to your site want to know about the benefits and advantages.

4. Primary calls-to-action. Including multiple calls-to-action above the fold is important to driving sales conversions. Offer two or three (but no more) that map the different stages of the buying cycle.

5. Features. List some of your key features to give people an understanding of what’s provided by your products and services.

6. Customer proof. This is a powerful indicator of trust. Include just a few of your best (short) quotes or video testimonials. Add names and photos to verify authenticity.

7. Success indicators. Listing awards and recognitions are other key elements of making a good first impression.

8. Navigation. Make a clear path into your site from the homepage. Keep it simple and have it visible at the top of the page.

9. Supporting image. People are visual. Use an image that clearly indicates what you offer, or even a short video. Stay away from stock photos of fake business people.

10. Content offer. Generate leads from your homepage by featuring a great content offer such as an ebook or first-time discount.

11. Resources. 96% of visitors to your site aren’t ready to buy yet. Offer a link to a resource centre where they can learn more.

12. Secondary calls-to-action. Display more calls-to-action at the bottom of the homepage for more lead-generation opportunities.

Source: HubSpot