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Online marketing agency to take on 15 new hires

Sandyford, Co Dublin-based start-up Product2Market, which specialises in both online and offline marketing, is aiming to take on 15 new employees over the next two years. Set up in 2008, the consultancy works with companies in both Ireland and Europe to help them with their marketing campaigns.

Product2Market also provides sales and mentoring advice to fast-growing companies in Ireland that need specialist external expertise.

Speaking this evening, founder Anthony Byrne said that the company has made a strategic decision to offer a very distinct service to support in house-teams with the area of marketing. Product2Market already has 40 companies such as Dell, DSS, Commtech and TV3.

Byrne said that the firm's service portfolio has expanded greatly due to it decision to offer email marketing and online marketing services

He said that the changes in Product2Market's business model have spawned a need to hire new full-time employees at the offices in Sandyford.

"There has been an increased demand for marketing and sales services for both SMEs and multinationals in Ireland over the past two years, especially in the area of email marketing," added Byrne.

As part of its hiring drive, the company recently took on two new employees


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