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Temple Bar Night Market

Dublin’s first art night market over the summer months of June, July and August, bringing artists and craft makers onto the streets of Temple Bar; Dublin’s Cultural Quarter.

Much of the art that is being lauded and applauded in cities such as London, Berlin, San Francisco and Los Angeles is also present and flourishing here in Ireland. However, because Ireland has few places where artists can exhibit this ultra-modern art, and exhibiting in the many wonderful pop-up spaces in Dublin is expensive, it remains unseen and underground.

The ‘Temple Bar Night Market’ is a new initiative running over the summer months on a trial basis initially.
The market will be held weekly on Thursday evenings for the months of June, July and August with a view to continuation based on it’s success or otherwise during this period.
The organisers would like to offer craftworkers the opportunity to participate in this market.

They will provide the exhibitor with a stall, table etc.

There is no cost involved in acquiring a stall at this market although there are 2 basic requirements:

  • 1) You will need to have a Casual Traders Licence
  • 2) You will need to provide a valid current Tax Clearance Certificate.

There are between 25-30 stalls in total. If you are interested in getting involved you can email

Check out details of the event at