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Springboard – new programmes and additional places for 2013

DCU Ryan Academy

DCU Ryan Academy is delighted to announce that our Springboard funding for 2013 was significantly increased by the Department of Education for the third year running. This allows us to offer new programmes and additional places this year and is a great endorsement of our programmes and our track record to date.

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NIBRT is delighted to announce the launch of free, accredited, part-time training programmes which are funded under the Springboard initiative.

NIBRT in association with its educational partners is providing free, part-time, accredited training programmes  for those who are currently unemployed. The programmes are specifically designed to assist people obtaining employment in the pharmaceutical industry.  The programmes which start in September 2013 are free-of-charge and are funded under the Springboard programme. Programmes feature practical sessions in NIBRT's award winning facilities to provide applicants with the practical skills and experience required by the pharmaceutical industry. See attached brochure for further details.


NIBRT are also happy to announce open days every Friday in August from 3pm. Come have a look around our pilot plant and ask our experienced trainers any questions you might have about these Springboard Programmes. Details below:


·         Session 1 Friday 2nd August at 3pm

·         Session 2 Friday 9th August at 3pm

·         Session 3 Friday 16th August at 3pm

·         Session 4 Friday 23rd  August at 3pm

·         Session 5 Friday 30th August at 3pm



If you wish to attend please RSVP to this mail indicating which session you would like to attend.


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