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How to make sure your Facebook security settings are in top shape

Most of your information could be publicly available and you might not even realise it.


Image: AP Photo/Ben Margot

HOW MUCH DO you know about Facebook’s privacy settings. While it has received (mostly deserved) criticism over certain practices, its own security and privacy settings are quite vast.

However, most users mightn’t be aware of them meaning it’s more important than ever to check your settings and see what you have activated. Here’s what you need to know.

The Basics

When you click on the privacy button at the top-right hand corner, you will be presented with a number of quick options. They include:

Who can see my stuff?: Whether your status updates are public or not, how your profile looks to friends and strangers, and a list of every action you’ve taken on the site.

Who can contact me?: Control who can message you and send friend requests.

How can I stop someone from bothering me?: Blocking someone essentially


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