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New TelecityGroup data centre to open in Dublin with 10 jobs

New TelecityGroup data centre to open in Dublin with 10 jobs

New TelecityGroup data centre to open in Dublin with 10 jobs

Data centre image via Andrew.T@NN/Flickr

TelecityGroup Ireland, a provider of carrier-neutral data centres, has given the go-ahead for construction of its fourth data centre in Blanchardstown, Dublin, with the creation of 10 new jobs.

Once the centre has completed construction this summer, the company will be looking to hire 10 engineers to its existing staff numbers of 60.

TelecityGroup's data centres have so far proven attractive to US companies that are looking to expand into Europe seeing Ireland as the most attractive location, much like many of the other major tech companies who have decided to establish bases here.

This new fourth data centre will host international, national and metropolitan Tier 1 and 2 carriers, ISPs and content distribution networks which will provide access transatlantic connectivity to client companies.

Its location in the Northwest Business Park was selected as the data centre’s site due to its extensive connectivity options, secure location and its proximity to one of the company’s existing data centres, enabling it to facilitate a 'campus extension' from one facility to another.

Maurice Mortell, VP of emerging markets and managing director of TelecityGroup Ireland, said, "We have seen a significant increase in demand from new and existing customers for high capacity, diverse and low latency connectivity - especially to the United States.

“It was this high demand for TelecityGroup data centres in Ireland that drove our major expansion in Ireland in 2011. Since this expansion just over three years ago, our business in Ireland has grown considerably.”