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Contesting €35,000 award could cost firm €2m in legal fees

‘Something perverse’ about potential for claim to put company out of business

High Court judge has said there is “something perverse” about the fact a trademark infringement case which resulted in a €35,000 award could cost more than €2 million in legal fees.

Mr Justice Michael Twomey made the remarks when making the €35,000 award against Limerick-based firm Nualtra Ltd in favour of Dutch firm NutriMedical BV and London-based Aymes International.

He found Nualtra had infringed NutriMedical’s trademark in relation to the nutritional supplement drink “Nutriplete”.

The drink is only sold to medical professionals and not directly to the consumer.

Nualtra marketed its drink under the name “Nutriplen” with visual and aural marks which were very similar and with a limited conceptual similarity, the judge found.

Nualtra renamed and rebranded the product after the legal proceedings began.