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Our Speakers

The IE Network delivers over 200 talks per year and this would not be possible without the collaboration of our speakers, trainers and coaches.

Check out our speakers, trainers and coaches.

The sessions we offer are a wide and varied and engage our members in a way that opens their minds to new ways of thinking and looking at how they can improve the Knowledge, Skills & Attitude.

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Our Mission

Our Objectives

  • To share knowledge and mentoring within the network.

  • To cultivate a spirit of self-belief and a can do attitude in the network. To enable members to make best use of their talents.

  • To empower members to take ownership and achieve their goals.

  • To support and encourage one another in returning to work or starting a business by pooling resources, experience and by sharing knowledge in an environment of on-going learning through our network events.

  • To establish a networking platform which encourages connectivity for members to reach out and introduce themselves to each other and develop their networking skills.

  • To promote jobs, articles and events in the network that may assist members.

The Vision

Networking is a powerful resource for any individual, and our vision is to assist each member in becoming a powerful networker. To encourage our members to work collaboratively with each other to achieve their objectives. We believe that “people buy not what you do, but why you do it”, and we want to empower every member with the tools to tell their story and achieve their goals through networking and we want to be a part of that success.

The IE Network is a collective of job-seekers, including highly qualified professionals and sole traders in the 4 local Dublin authorities seeking to achieve their goals.