Keys to confidence

Bad experiences in life can knock us down. Or maybe we are have always been a bit cautious and expect the worst.
Confidence is about what we focus on and the meaning we ascribe to things, says Vincent.  It is about our physiology – how we stand and move.
 It is all about how we visualise – the past and future.  It is about the language inside inside our heads and what we hear around us.
Vincent Delaney is a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with many years on his journey in Interpersonal Communication.
Vincent will be delving into anchors (patterns) and strategies (processes) – both installing positive and removing negative.
 And he will be showing some powerful ways of building confidence and anchoring positive emotional states.

Open Network Session – DLR

Come along and join us at IEN DLR, Deansgrange Library on Wedneaday 25th April.
This session is an open network session, so if you have ideas, questions about getting back to employment, starting a businness then come along and we may be able toassist you in what you are looking for.
Discuss current issues and maybe even get some insight and inspiration from fellow IE Network members.

Facilitated by Jim Nolan, IE Network Manager

An intro to YouTube & V-log

YouTube has officially become the second biggest search engine after Google – Internet users find (for the large part) videos more engaging than written content, Blogs are turning into v-logs.
 The problem… where do I get started with video production? Is it expansive? What equipment do I need? Do I need a script? 
 Getting started with video production can be daunting for many people, in this session let’s explore the basic of video productions:
1)     Type of videos (promo, educational, story, testimonials, event, etc.).
2)     Live or recorded videos.
3)     Equipment needed (screen recording or using a camera)
4)     Hosting (your website, youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.)
5)     Analyse video engagement / retention.
 In this session, Stefano will share his experience in producing videos to embed on his website but also for his YouTube channel and online school.
P.S.: Bring your equipment to this session, and we will see how you can best use it to get you started.