Data for startups – how to test and validate a new business

Data-driven startups have a much higher level of success.
Ok, but what is data in the first place?
How can I generate and understand it?
Entrepreneurship is the process of translating the vision of the founder – which day one is merely an assumption – into something valuable to customers. Data has a terrific role in making this happen. Come along to this session and discover the difference between different sets of data, (e.g. process vs outcomes) and their contribution to your startups.

Keys to confidence:

Bad experiences in life can knock us down. Or maybe we are have always been a bit cautious and expect the worst.
Confidence is about what we focus on and the meaning we ascribe to things, says Vincent.  It is about our physiology – how we stand and move.
 It is all about how we visualise – the past and future.