Becoming a content creator in the digital economy (tips and tricks to get started).

Becoming a content creator in the digital economy (tips and tricks to get started).
The digital economy enables marketers to turn their sales funnels upside down. Marketers are becoming digital marketers, which means that they have to learn how to become content creators. 
The content is what generates interest in what you do, creating a story (your story around the offer) enables you to connect emotionally with your prospect.
Whould you prefer to buy from a stranger or from someone you trust? 
Come along to discover how to engage your prospects and get started with content creation, in the form of a Blog article, a short intro video, a .pdf, a podcast, etc.
Presented by
Stefano MessoriDesign Strategist, Online Trainer & Facilitator

Free Online Software for your business & personal life

This Wednesday come along to IEN DLR at Deaansgrange Library to see what free online software is available to assist you with you business or personal life.
There is a lot of options out there and this talk will have live demos of certain software applications to assist you in deciding what software is best for you.
Since last delivering this presentation, I have come across some new and exciting software that is a must for business.
If you have experience of using free online software come along and share your experience.
Presented by Jim Nolan, IE Network Manager

An intro to YouTube & V-log

YouTube has officially become the second biggest search engine after Google – Internet users find (for the large part) videos more engaging than written content, Blogs are turning into v-logs.  
The problem… where do I get started with video production? Is it expansive? What equipment do I need? Do I need a script? 

Thinking of Starting a Business

“Thinking of starting a business.” this Thursday in County Library Tallaght.
 Starting a business can be a fantastic opportunity and an exhilarating ride.
But what are the steps you should take before you venture down that path, come along on Thursday 10th April and join members of the IE Network in discussing these steps.

Convergent VS Divergent thinking

You have experienced daydreaming, right? Ok, in there you are diverging your thinking.
When you wake up reality hits, and you’re back to converging mode of thinking. It comes without saying that the most brilliant ideas occur when thinking freely, but their realisation depends upon our ability to focus and discipline our thoughts.
Come along to discover two different ways or modes of thinking, their outcomes, and the tools you can use to connect and boost them.

Presented by Stefano MessoriDesign Strategist l Online Trainer &