Interact live with your online audience: an intro to video meetings, webinars, and live streaming.

Real-time conversations are becoming a new way to interact on the internet. While online forums are still of great help in asking questions and finding answers on the web, we are moving towards real-time interactions.
How could we take advantage of technologies allowing us to start real-time interactions with our peers, customers or prospects?
Come to discover about live support-chat, team meetings, webinars and other broadcasting practices which are quickly becoming the new way to interact on the web.
Stefano will share his experience in:
1) Engaging in a conversation with website visitors (support chat);
2) Turning a visitor into a prospect with a complimentary introductory call (video meetings);
3) Delivering live-online training sessions, with clients (video meetings /webinar software);
4) Finding new prospects by setting up exclusive real-time events (webinar or broadcasting)
Presented by
Stefano Messori Design Strategist, Online Trainer & Facilitator
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Discussion on the Business Model Canvas

Come along and join us Wednesday15th May at IEN DLR, Deansgrange Library to discuss the Business Model Canvas.
If you have used it before we would like to have you input and experince on the benifits of using it.
If you have never used it then this would be a great time to see if it is suitabe for you business or business idea.

Becoming a content creator in the digital economy (tips and tricks to get started).

Becoming a content creator in the digital economy (tips and tricks to get started).
The digital economy enables marketers to turn their sales funnels upside down. Marketers are becoming digital marketers, which means that they have to learn how to become content creators. 
The content is what generates interest in what you do, creating a story (your story around the offer) enables you to connect emotionally with your prospect.
Would you prefer to buy from a stranger or from someone you trust?