YouTube has officially become the second biggest search engine after Google – Internet users find (for the large part) videos more engaging than written content, Blogs are turning into v-logs.

 The problem… where do I get started with video production? Is it expansive? What equipment do I need? Do I need a script?

 Getting started with video production can be daunting for many people, in this session let’s explore the basic of video productions:

1)     Type of videos (promo, educational, story, testimonials, event, etc.).

2)     Live or recorded videos.

3)     Equipment needed (screen recording or using a camera)

4)     Hosting (your website, youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.)

5)     Analyse video engagement / retention.

 In this session, Stefano will share his experience in producing videos to embed on his website but also for his YouTube channel and online school.

P.S.: Bring your equipment to this session, and we will see how you can best use it to get you started.

Location: County Library Tallaght,Library Square,Tallaght
Date and Time: 2018-04-26T10:00:00