Many startups don’t survive the test of the market, why? Because early-stage entrepreneurs focus their attention on the business plan, the processes and operations needed to deliver their product to the market. And what happens when the product hits the market?

It hardly survives the customers’ test. What about inverting the process? Placing the customers, their needs and feedback, before production? In so doing – investing only in products and services that have been validated by the final users – entrepreneurs can de-risk their new ventures.

Come along and join a discussion about asking, obtaining and interpreting constructive feedbacks from your customers.

Early adopters, co-creation and testing are just a few concepts we are going to explore together.

Presented by

Stefano Messori
Design Strategist I Online Corporate Trainer & Facilitator I Creativity for Business Innovation.



Event Location:
Deansgrange Library,Clonkeen Drive,Deansgrange, Dublin 18