An intro to YouTube & V-log

YouTube has officially become the second biggest search engine after Google – Internet users find (for the large part) videos more engaging than written content, Blogs are turning into v-logs.  
The problem… where do I get started with video production? Is it expansive? What equipment do I need? Do I need a script? 

Thinking of Starting a Business

“Thinking of starting a business.” this Thursday in County Library Tallaght.
 Starting a business can be a fantastic opportunity and an exhilarating ride.
But what are the steps you should take before you venture down that path, come along on Thursday 10th April and join members of the IE Network in discussing these steps.

Convergent VS Divergent thinking

You have experienced daydreaming, right? Ok, in there you are diverging your thinking.
When you wake up reality hits, and you’re back to converging mode of thinking. It comes without saying that the most brilliant ideas occur when thinking freely, but their realisation depends upon our ability to focus and discipline our thoughts.
Come along to discover two different ways or modes of thinking, their outcomes, and the tools you can use to connect and boost them.

Presented by Stefano MessoriDesign Strategist l Online Trainer &

Are you a maker or a marketer?

What’s the point of creating beautiful things that nobody wants?
 The maker: I’ll do that because I’m good at it!
The marketer: I create a story behind the product, connecting people sharing a similar passion!
 Are you a maker or a marketer? 
 Come along to this talk, share your journey as a maker and/or marketer, discuss the intrinsic difference between the two mindsets and how to connect them.

Presented by
Stefano Messori