Failure, guilt, embarrassment, fear, disillusionment, are emotions and experiences that are part of life.

 And yet, in general, the most successful people have had the greatest amount of failures.

 Together they come: Support and Challenge.

 Life is not about blanking out the experiences, or building a facade of “happy-happy” – come what may.

 Life is about having those experiences and emotions but not getting stuck in them.

 Life is about bouncing back.

 Resilience is about shaking off all that bad stuff, picking ourselves up and being kind to ourselves.

 And there are tools and techniques to help with that bouncing back..

Vincent Delaney is a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with many years on his journey in Interpersonal Communication. He will be training you in some powerful ways of building resilience and a positive mindset. He will work with you on taking charge of your mind and allow the great you to shine.


Event Location:
County Library Tallaght,Library Square,,Tallaght