Understanding the Sales Process

When it comes to business the most imprtant thing after cash flow is your staff?
Nowhere is this more important than in sales and customer service.
So this wednesday join us at IEN Fingal, Blanchardstown Library , for a talk on sales and the sales process.
This will be presented by Jim Nolan, IE Network Manager who has over 26 years selling experience, from the retail, IT, Print and photographic sectors, he will share his knowledge with you.

Influencing & Insights

The session will be based around Cialdinin’s principles of influencing and Insight’s colour personality types.  
How do we successfully influence others?
How do we interact with different personality types?
Come along and find out in an enjoyable and interactive session.

Prsented by
David GreeneCorporate Role Player and Training Consultant

Man in the Mirror – Make that Change.

In this session Jim Nolan, IE Network manager will talk about how change has to start with you and also will  look at;

Why Change is important?

Are we all leaders?

Do we all have to be leaders?

Whwn this was held in other IEN venues the session has lead to some great discussions as people share what there expereinces havwe been and how they would see change.
Presented by
Jim NolanIE Network Manager

Social entrepreneurship – a new way to do business?

In recent years numerous companies developed a bad reputation, pollution, pay cuts and tax evasion are just a few examples.
What is going wrong with being profitable while making profits?
Is the growing movement around social entrepreneurship a response to the shortcomings of mainstream business?
If you are interested in setting up a business or exploring new opportunities for value creation, come along to this session and let’s talk about designing sustainable business models.

Presented by
Stefano Messori
Design Strategist – Corpoate Trainer – Online Trainer