Are you a maker or a marketer?

What’s the point of creating beautiful things that nobody wants?
 The maker: I’ll do that because I’m good at it!
The marketer: I create a story behind the product, connecting people sharing a similar passion!
 Are you a maker or a marketer? 
 Come along to this talk, share your journey as a maker and/or marketer, discuss the intrinsic difference between the two mindsets and how to connect them. 

Thinking of Starting a Business

As part of Local Enterprise Week the IE Network will be hosting a talk on 
“Thinking of starting a business.” this Wednesday in DEansgrange Library
 Starting a business can be a fantastic opportunity and an exhilarating ride.
But what are the steps you should take before you venture down that path, come along on Wednesday 6th March and join members of the IE Network in discussing these steps.
We will look at
 The Why, How and What of business
Sole trader v Ltd co.
Vision v Mission statements, etc.

Presented by Jim Nolan,IE Network Manager
“Don’t wait for the right moment to start the business.It never arrives. Start whenever. Now.”Lauris Liberts, Draugiem Group.

Star Stories

This Thursday at IEN South Dublin why not join us for a session on “Star Stories”.
You may ask yourself what are “Star Stories”?
Well it’s an interview technique that allows you to show off you core competencies and role-specific competencies.
When it comes to interviews, it’s a sale process and you are selling yourself, but surprisingly even though you know yourself, interviews can bring a lot of self-doubt.
Jim Nolan, IE Network Manager will go through this process along with some other interview tips.

Understanding the Sales Process

When it comes to business the most imprtant thing after cash flow is your staff?
Nowhere is this more important than in sales and customer service.
So this wednesday join us at IEN Fingal, Blanchardstown Library , for a talk on sales and the sales process.
This will be presented by Jim Nolan, IE Network Manager who has over 26 years selling experience, from the retail, IT, Print and photographic sectors, he will share his knowledge with you.