Real-time conversations are becoming a new way to interact on the internet. While online forums are still of great help in asking questions and finding answers on the web, we are moving towards real-time interactions.

How could we take advantage of technologies allowing us to start real-time interactions with our peers, customers or prospects?

Come to discover about live support-chat, team meetings, webinars and other broadcasting practices which are quickly becoming the new way to interact on the web.

Stefano will share his experience in:


1) Engaging in a conversation with website visitors (support chat);

2) Turning a visitor into a prospect with a complimentary introductory call (video meetings);

3) Delivering live-online training sessions, with clients (video meetings /webinar software);

4) Finding new prospects by setting up exclusive real-time events (webinar or broadcasting)



Presented by

Stefano Messori
Design Strategist, Online Trainer & Facilitator


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Event Location:
County Library Tallaght,Library Square,,Tallaght