Ok… who hasn’t got a business idea these days?

What if we could invite the people we want to serve to refine and co-create our product with them?

Come along to this session and discover:

1) How to get started in creating your online presence at no costs (besides your time).

2) The backbone of any strong online presence: content marketing.

3) Using social medias and a newsletter to spread your content.

4) How to grow your audience by enabling (online- word of mouth).

5) A new way to think about your online presence: from interruption marketing to creating your tribe.

In this session, Stefano will share his experience in setting up and running his website, Blog, and growing his social media presence and following.

Find more about Stefano at www.stefanomessori.com


Mon 23 April 2018
10:00 – 12:30 IST


Blanchardstown Library,
Blanchardstown Shopping Centre,
Dublin 15